Create DXF

  The Drawing Interchange File Formats (DXF) is a data format defined by the company Autodesk for CAD data exchange. The diagrams created with DTVD can be stored in the DXF format for further processing in a CAD program (e.g. in order to integrate a scaled area plan and  the courses of roads). A dialog then appears in order to store the DXF file on the local hard Disk.

DTVD stores the content of the diagram in a DXF-AC1018 format, which corresponds with the standard of AutoCAD 2004. Please by all means note that the various programs which are able to  read and write DXF files in a certain format usually have a different understanding of how the standards are to be interpreted. In practice, unexpected results and errors occur now and again. TDVD was optimized among others so that the data import should function in the latest versions of DesignCAD.

Should you have problems reading in and/or the presentation in your CAD program, we recommend converting the format with the free tooll (Teigha File Converter) from Open Design Allianz, which has dealt with this generally known problem.

With the help of the documentation, check which DXF format your CAD program expects and convert (setting at 'Output Version') the DTVD-DXF file into the requested target format. If you cannot find out the required DXF format, then it is a good idea to first try out older DXF format versions (R2000, R9-R14).


List of the release names: 

Autocad version DXF version
Release 5 / Version 2.0 AC1.50
Release 6 / Version 2.1 AC2.10
Release 7 / Version 2.5 AC1002
Release 8 / Version 2.6 AC1003
Release 9 AC1004
Release 10 AC1006
Release 11/12 AC1009
Release 13 AC1012
Release 14 AC1014
Release 2000/0i/2 AC1015
Release 2004/5/6 AC1018
Release 2007/8/9 AC1021
Release 2010/11 AC1024